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Geordie Jack was a native of Golspie, a wee village in Sutherland lying on the North Sea coast with a population of 1,600.
It was from here this singer/songwriter founded one of the UK's most successful Country bands, Colorado.
In the late 80s they were voted Best British Band for nine consecutive years.
Colorado was formed in the 70s with the line-up of Geordie Jack on lead vocals, guitar and violin, Gordon Davidson on lead guitar and vocals, Dado Duncan on bass and Sandy MacKay on drums. All lived within 10 miles of Golspie.
They backed major touring US stars including Melba Montgomery, Vernon Oxford and it was touring and backing Boxcar Willie that established Boxcar as a Country star.
They later toured Boxcar and Jean Sheppard together.
They become the first Scottish group to play the Wembley Festivals which they did many times, becoming firm favourites.
They recorded many hit albums including on Drew Taylor’s Big R label. Their version of Eric Bogle's No Man's Land (aka Green Fields Of France)
with Geordie's violin rendering of Fleurs Of The Forest at the end has become one of the classic versions of this song.
Friends with Hugh Moffatt, the songwriter, Geordie’s songbook is famous. The band later changed its name to Caledonia playing more Country folk and in recent years they became known as the Jacks with a line-up of his two sons and daughter and Dado Duncan on bass.

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